Building the refuge

The creation of this cryptocurrency aims to help animal protection associations, but above all to finance the construction of animal shelters, which are sorely lacking.

We’re the first crypto-currency on the market that aims to fund shelters and help protection associations.

We’re convinced that we can combine cryptocurrency technology with animal protection, so we’ll be the only ones on the market with a real goal in this direction.

By buying our cryptocurrency, you’re not only making a long-term investment that will earn you a lot of money, but you’re also participating in a noble cause.

Here is the description of the first shelter we want to build:

Over the last few years, we’ve been constantly looking at ways to improve the project. But the result is nothing short of awe-inspiring:

  • Animals are given the best possible welcome
  • Employee working conditions are improved
  • Adopters are made to feel welcome
  • Keep the refuge running as smoothly as possible
  • The accommodation is as cost-effective as possible (e.g. rainwater recovery for stall cleaning).
  • A pleasant living environment

We’ve got it all covered:

  • An infirmary for sick animals
  • A consultation office for veterinary visits
  • A surgery room and a treatment room
  • Pharmacy, isolation rooms for incoming animals
  • A kitchen to prepare their meals
  • Laundry and linen room
  • An archive room

Several offices or various protection associations will be able to set up there for their management.

  • Changing rooms for staff
  • Parking lots for visitors
  • A functional reception desk
  • A meeting room
  • A workshop
  • A storage area for blankets
  • A food reserve
  • Equipment storage
  • A house for the janitor
  • A studio for the on-call pet sitter, …

Two large yards reserved for dogs awaiting adoption will be surrounded by boxes of various sizes, all with yards.

A courtyard surrounded by boxes will be dedicated to dog boarding.

Ten catteries are distributed around a central technical room, each with a large “aviary” to give the cats fresh air.

Cats that have not yet been socialized will be provided with specific facilities to suit their needs.

New pets will be housed in specially adapted premises.

Everything is calculated to reduce operating costs as much as possible by saving electricity and water. A green environment is planned: some trees will be preserved, others planted.