New Partnership with CEPPAF64: Protecting Animal Welfare

We are excited to announce our new partnership with CEPPAF64, a dedicated non-profit organization committed to the protection and welfare of animals. Established on July 6, 1969, in Strasbourg, as part of the Comité européen pour la protection des animaux sections France, CEPPAF64 has been a staunch advocate for animal rights and protection.

About CEPPAF64

Branch of Pau 64: CEPAFF64 operates as a vital branch of Pau 64, extending its reach and impact within the region. The organization is focused on several key areas to ensure the welfare and protection of animals.

Key Initiatives and Objectives

1. Animal Protection: CEPAFF64 actively works to protect animals from cruelty and abuse. They are dedicated to safeguarding animal rights and ensuring that all creatures are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

2. Prevention of Species Extermination: One of the primary missions of CEPAFF64 is to prevent the extermination of entire species. Through various conservation efforts and awareness campaigns, they strive to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species from extinction.

3. Denouncing Cruelty: CEPAFF64 is committed to denouncing all forms of cruelty to animals. They raise awareness about animal rights issues and advocate for stronger laws and regulations to prevent animal abuse.

Join Us in Supporting CEPPAF64

Our partnership with CEPAFF64 signifies a shared commitment to animal welfare and protection. By working together, we aim to amplify our efforts to protect animals, prevent cruelty, and promote a compassionate and sustainable world for all species.

For more information on how you can support CEPPAF64 and get involved in our initiatives, please visit our website and join our community.